Freelancers + Consultants

Focus your time on taking care of clients

Acquire new customers with ease

Make it easier to connect with prospects by compressing scheduling time. Eliminate drop-off in the sales process and grow your customer base.

Improve client retention

New and existing clients will appreciate the ease of connecting with you over status calls, helping to build better relationships and increase retention.

Collect payments up front

Using Calendly’s Stripe or PayPal integration, your clients can submit payment as soon as they schedule, relieving the burden of billing and ensuring you meet with your ideal clients.

Maximize your team of one

Perform those tasks only you can complete—saving energy for activities that can’t be put on autopilot. Automate how you schedule meetings with email reminders, buffers before and after events, daily limits and more.

Simplify planning classes, tours, webinars and trainings

Improve outreach and sales with simple scheduling of group events. Provide a quick way to initiate positive relationships.


Susie Romans empowers clients and makes more time for business growth

Implementing Calendly to achieve work-life balance as an entrepreneur

Jaime Petkanics of The Prepary puts new client enrollment on auto-pilot

Impressing consulting clients with streamlined scheduling

Sara Rogers gains more clients for her photography business

Empowering new clients to schedule sessions at their convenience and saving personal time

Engel Jones shares Twelve Minute Convos with listeners around the world

Scheduling thousands of podcast interviews more efficiently

Studio Owners Academy organizes effortless scheduling that delights

Using Calendly to eliminate double-booking and provide value to clients

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